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injured on the job in los angeles?

Common Los Angeles Workers compensation cases

Construction Work Injuries


Construction workers are often faced with the most hazardous types of working conditions. 

Driving Work Injuries


Car Accidents happen, especially for professional drivers, and injuries are a daily risk. 

Heavy Machinery Work Injuries


There are many jobs that require working with heavy machinery, and this can lead to work injuries.

Warehouse Work Injuries


Any time you are working with heavy lifting or constant strain on the body, you can open yourself up to bodily harm.

Slip and Fall Work Injuries


Slip and falls may not seem so serious at first, but when they cause a significant enough injury, hire an attorney.

Falling Objects Work Injuries


There are many types of jobs that involve potential of falling objects on the job, when it happens to you, call our attorneys ASAP.

We represent injured employees

Have You Suffered Injury At Work?


If you have been injure on the job and need medical treatment, make sure you report the accident to a supervisor or manager. The next thing you should do is contact a Los Angeles Workers Compensation lawyer. Hiring an attorney will help ensure that every necessary detail is covered from medical treatment to compensation. We work aggressively to help obtain favorable outcomes for our clients and protect the jobs of our clients.

What i


If you are involved in an accident related injury at work, it can be a stressful situation to negotiate medical care, time off, and other compensation issues. When you retain our law firm, we handle all aspects of your case while you focus on recovery and medical treatment. 

What if my work injury claim is rejected?


If your workers comp claim has been denied and you have no worked with an attorney on the matter, our Los Angeles work injury attorneys may be able to assist you and investigate the case.  Our workers compensation lawyers in Los Angeles will be able to determine if you have a case and we will provide you with legal options.

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